If you use Google, which is practically everyone, this platform is already installed into Google tools like Gmail. Another cool feature of Google Hangouts is that video calls can be streamed in real-time on YouTube. Honestly, Zoom and Google Meet are the quickest and most straightforward ways to start video calls using calendar links, meeting URLs, and phone dial-in numbers. You don’t even need to create an account with Zoom, though Meet requires at least a free Google account, which Google says is a security feature. Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, really shines when a team needs to jump on a video call from a chat message thread.

  • Guide for Zoom Cloud Meetings help you’ll be able to easily have Job meetings from home.
  • If you record your meeting, you will receive a notification based on how you chose to save it.
  • The next screen will take you to the Invite Colleagues page, where you can invite people to join your Zoom contact list.
  • Screen-sharingAllows a user to view another user’s screen and activity in real time.

The feature had previously only been available for Premium users. In January 2020, Zoom had over 2,500 employees, with 1,396 in the United States and 1,136 in international locations. It is reported that 700 employees within a subsidiary work in China and develop Zoom software. In May 2020, Zoom announced plans to open new research and development centers in Pittsburgh and Phoenix, with plans to hire up to 500 engineers between the two cities over the next few years.

Your Zoom Videos Could Live On In The Cloud Even After You Delete Them

Business & Enterprise licenses also give you unlimited Cloud storage space, which is helpful when recording and saving your video chats for later. For a more thorough comparison between all Google Workspace licenses, also check out this blog article. Let’s look at their functionalities and limitations to see which one suits your video conferencing needs the best.

It’s also a live streaming tool with cool features like polling and virtual hand raising. Teachers and life coaches use it to live stream classes, presentations and webinars. Fitness instructors use Zoom to broadcast classes, and experts host workshops on a variety of subjects.

Scroll past the cloud recording option and focus on the ‘Automatic recording’ option. Check or uncheck the option and click on ‘Save’ to make the changes. Under the toggle, you will find some cloud recording options. Enable the ‘Record gallery view with shared screen’ option and click on ‘Save’ at the Zoom bottom. To transcribe meetings, you must sign in to your 3PlayMedia account, go to “Upload Media” to upload the file you want to transcribe.

Zoom Adds Zoom Chat, Cloud Recording, Zoom Phone Features For Healthcare Customers

As a result, the researchers point out, if Chinese authorities demand that Zoom hand over the encryption keys to a particular meeting, Zoom may be legally obligated to do so. Customers can also use Google’s Data Regions feature to choose the geographic location where select/covered data for Google Meet recordings will be stored at rest. In addition to security vulnerabilities, Zoom has gotten into quite a bit of hot water over the unauthorized sharing of user data with third parties, including Facebook.

ShareВ Cloud Recordings

As of July 2020, Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone also became available as hardware as a service products. Zoom Phone is available for domestic telephone service in 40 countries as of August 2020. In January 2021, the company disclosed that it had sold one million seats for the Zoom Phone service.

Switch to the traditional meeting room by clicking Switch to Meeting Room in the upper right corner of the MiniControl. The presenter can take multiple actions from the MiniControl and can access some pods, like the Chat pod and the Attendees pod. If a pod is not available in the meeting room, its icon in the MiniControl is disabled. The presenter can also see the in-meeting notifications in the palette.

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