My Little Horse Equestria Females: Digital Collection (year step 1)

Throughout the film’s solution end, Twilight remains at Amazingly Preparing, and you will she and you may Spike are on much friendlier words on the Shadowbolts.

Equestria Girls: Legend from Everfree

Twilight looks like the key central profile of one’s 4th Equestria Female movie. Enduring anxiety and you will repeating nightmares, she anxieties their worst Midnight Sparkle transform pride have a tendency to someday go back and take over her body, the woman family act as constant ethical help.

In the Legend from Everfree, Twilight goes with the woman Canterlot Large members of the family to Camp Everfree, in which she is matched up with Sunset Shimmer regarding Sapphire Tent and you can increases an excellent break to your go camping co-manager Wood Spice. If you’re at the camp, Twilight’s magic experiences a conversion process, and you can grows the ability to levitate and you can telekinetically disperse items.

In the flick, Twilight struggles to face this new black wonders in her, and you will she thinks the woman is responsible for several magic disruptions doing camp. Yet not, talking about after revealed as Timber’s sis Gloriosa Daisy’s undertaking. With the aid of her nearest and dearest, Twilight overcomes the girl anxieties and you will turns out to be the key inside the conquering Gloriosa. She will also help organize brand new fundraiser to save Go camping Everfree off closing and you may becomes a lot more near to Wood Spruce, taking a date of him in the long run.

Equestria Female: Moving Magic

Regarding half of-time unique Dance Secret, web sites Twilight facilitate the woman family members boost money to agent Everfree. When Rarity’s tip having an audio video clips is actually duplicated from the Shadowbolts, Twilight facilitate Rarity sneak into the Crystal Prep Academy so you can individually confront them. She also takes part in this new Dancing Secret music videos near the conclusion the special.

Equestria Girls: Movie Magic

Regarding the half of-hour special Flick Miracle, Twilight accompanies the woman family relations into selection of new Daring Perform movie, stating a desire for viewing new in depth flick props from Good. K. Yearling. She’s in addition to briefly mistaken for a celebrity from the “Energy Horses” movie, cast just like the Masked Count-Horn. In the end, Twilight takes on a central investigator-particularly character inside introducing Juniper Montage’s thievery and you can deception, and you will the woman is shed just like the an extra throughout the Daring Manage film.

Equestria Girls: Echo Wonders

Throughout the half-hours unique Reflect Wonders, Twilight gets trapped along with her family members inside the limbo whenever Juniper Montage acquires a hands mirror enchanted having Equestrian wonders. Whenever Starlight Glimmer performs in persuading Juniper to let her or him away, Twilight additionally the rest of the girl nearest and dearest forgive and you will undertake Juniper due to the fact a unique buddy. Twilight, together with Sundown and you can Starlight, is particularly forgiving out-of Juniper, that have previously started polluted because of the miracle into the Relationship Online game.

Equestria Girls: Summer Shorts

Throughout the audio clips Aggravated Twience, Twilight portrays a crazy scientist strengthening an android mate to have Surge. She actually is and additionally an initial appeal for the Monday Organization, in which she and you may Sundown Shimmer strive for to school compliment of new raining precipitation. In the Unbelievable Goes wrong, she remembers the girl really shameful time of accomplishing a chemistry try one explodes in her face. For the A Vibes, she work on an electronic devices shop and spends her powers in order to enhance DJ Pon-3’s turntable just after Most Biceps assists the woman which have a heavy load out of boxes. This lady has supporting otherwise small roles in the Animals Project, Subs Stone, Jumping Off of the Webpage, and now have the newest Show on the go. About Canterlot Flick Club, she looks towards the poster of the Daring Manage movie.

She is a main focus enabling her family unit members studies due to their final studies throughout the Finals Countdown, taking place a night out together having Timber Spice in the Star-crossed, caring for Principal Celestia’s garden in my Little Store off Horrors, and you will dreading leaving university over the past Day’s College. Inside Queen regarding Nightclubs, Twilight looks throughout the CHS chemistry, wig, and you may robotics nightclubs. This woman is and additionally a main interest on seashore shorts X Scratches the spot, Unresolved Selfie Secrets, The brand new Salty Sails, and you may Relationship Mathematics, and has support otherwise slight spots at school out of Rock, A fine Range, Overpowered, Super Squad Requirements, Road Trippin, Outtakes, Pinkie Pie: Snack Clairvoyant, Four in order to Nine, and so much more to me.

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